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Unblinking Eye - great alt process links, among other things of interest to photographers / Photography - Peter Marshall keeps this spot continually updated

The Art of the Camera - High Tech Pinhole photography (tricky navigation on this site!!)

Pinhole Photography on Flickr - 1000s of members exhibit their pinhole photography

Beyond the Zone System - for photographers seriously interested in black & white,
large format photography.

Lensculture - An online magazine celebrating international contemporary photography, art, media, and world cultures. 

A History of Visual Media - An Historical Window to Early Vintage Visual Media
and their usage. A Peep into the past

Photolinks: A searchable database of photographic resources dedicated to providing easy access to as many photographic resources as possible.

Here are my current favorite fun web sites listed here in order of their relevance to photography, from most photo related on top, down to just fun related.  --Andrea

Women in Photography International - Founded in 1981, a non-profit, outreach organization, which promotes the visibility of women photographers and their work. - find out what phoons are and then make one and send it in to this site. - this is a photo blog

Traffic Cone Preservation Society - enjoy these "Helpers of Humanity"!

A Directory of Wonderful Things
also known as Boing Boing, a kind of link blog

Resources- these are some of the places we look when we need more photo information.  --Dana and Greg
Digital Truth - the world's largest film development chart, and a lot more too!

Alternative Photography - is about learning about alternative photographic processes

Film for Classics -
providing photographic film for users of antique/classic cameras

Rochester Institute of Technology - The School of Photographic Arts and Sciences

Brooks Institute of Photography
- world leader in professional photographic &  motion picture education, located in Santa Barbara, California

San Francisco Art Institute  The Photography Department was founded by Ansel Adams!
Commercial and educational  resources for black and white materials, information and related supplies.

Silverprint - a great supplier for photographers in the UK.

Photographers' Formulary - specializes in photo grade chemistry for amateur  and professional photographers. But there's also film, paper, supplies, and workshops too.

Photo Lists - several hundred photography and image oriented mailing lists on the internet.

These are large, useful commercial and photo-community based sites related to photography. All of them are industry standards that you can should know about  and use often for information and products  --Mark

Eastman Kodak- you may have heard of them! - founded in the 90's, this site has developed into the largest general photography community on the web

The Impossible Project - Reviving the old Polaroid, this group is aiming to re-start production of analog instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010

Ilford Imaging - over 125 years in business manufacturing classic
silver based photo papers. Now known as Harman Technology.

Light Impressions- highest quality archival storage and presentation materials

Membership Organizations: here are some photography related organizations we participate in.

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International - if you are a serious wedding photographer you absolutely must attend a WPPI convention and take a class while you're there!

Photo Marketing Association - this is the trade organization that all labs belong to.

S.F.Camerawork - a San Francisco based photo arts organization dedicated to contemporary photography

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