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OAKLAND WOMEN'S MARCH    2017-2018-2019

George Draper Women's March 2019


George Draper -Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Oakland Women's January 2017

George Draper - untitled- Women's March

I Hella Believe Her

Oakland Women's March, 2017

George Draper - untitled photo - Women's March

Resist, with fist

Oakland Women's March, 2017


George Draper - Women's March


Oakland, January 2017

George Draper - Women's March

Go Girls

Oakland, January 2019

George Draper - Women's March

Stop Violence

Oakland, January 2018

Oakland Women's March  2017-2018-2019

Marching in Oakland, California, with like-minded folks of all stripes and colors created an amazing feeling of solidarity. The rage and anger against Trump's behavior seemed to explode in Oakland and across the country. It fueled and directed attention to women's rights and human rights issues. The march reminded me of the heated protests during the 1960s against the Vietnam War and during the civil rights movement.

As a photographer I wanted to capture that spirit and energy. The challenge was to photograph quickly with a discerning observe, anticipate, compose, focus and finally to click the shutter intuitively, without stumbling over a shoe or a curb or some other unforeseen obstacle. While lighting, composition and other photographic elements are important, my primary intent was to capture that special something...a revealing moment, a compelling relationship or people and signs in an ironic juxtaposition. The Oakland Women's March was filled with such opportunities.

About George Draper:
George Draper is a professional photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He photographs home interiors for realtors, builders and design professionals. He also offers workshops and one-on-one training to emerging photographers as well as assistance on websites, slide shows and custom-made photo books. George is an avid traveler photographer as well and exhibits photographic prints in the SF Bay Area.
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