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Summer 2022

Kerry Kehoe


Artist's Statement:  About She/Her/He/Him/They/Them/It/We/Us
There was no reference point for me while growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. I wasn’t included in the narrow range of images reflected back to me in advertising and television. No reference point for who I was or would become. I’m neither this nor that, neither feminine nor masculine, the best word at the time to describe me was tomboy. Eventually, I grew up to be a strong female. My work is less about gender and more about transcendence and visibility. There is a world that exists outside of the advertising spectrum, outside of the media. The scope of being an engendered human was never a binary ride but has been dictated to us as such. There is a back swing of political correctness, having people expand on pronouns when introducing themselves, an evolving perspective of inclusion.

The titles of the work are named after those whom I have photographed, along with their chosen pronouns. The viewer can enter into the space of this soul-driven freedom of living confidently as is. My aim in each photograph is to portray each individual in their unapologetic joy of being human. Each of these portraits, whether they’ve been taken inside a living room, kitchen, or an urban setting, strives for intimacy—intimacy with others, intimacy with self-expression, intimacy with the camera’s gaze—and by extension, intimacy with the viewer. Each of these portraits is an insistence on wholeness, for each subject is an active and intentional participant, refusing to be compartmentalized, objectified, or sensationalized.

As a concept, gender fluidity has long been relegated to the margins, leaving many—up until recently—with few positive and celebratory models. By creating a visual platform for a wide range of gender expressions, I build an infinitely more spacious visual culture for people whose gender expressions do not conform to dominant norms. In this rich variety and depth of gender expression, I invite the viewer into a world of ongoing celebration. I see beauty because there is difference.

About Kerry Kehoe:  Kerry Kehoe is a photographic artist based in New Mexico.



Gallery Hours: Monday to Saturday  10 am to 5pm
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