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ira kaufman

ira kaufman in the gallery


September 9 to October 28, 2017

September 9 to October 21, 2017
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Artist's Reception in the Photolab Gallery  ::  Saturday, September 9th 2pm to 4pm
exhibit curation by Irene Imfeld

From the artist

These constructed realities were my attempt to visually manifest the desire and struggle to create. My still life images had grown increasingly abstract over the years, and I now wanted to try my hand at sculpting the objects to be photographed. As I began to work, it soon became apparent that the images were about a lot more than just the effort to be creative. I had begun internet dating after a difficult divorce and the images seemed to also capture some of that experience. The title of the series, Bebopnow, was my username on a dating site.

My name, Ira, means watchful, and is one of the reasons there is an eye in every photo. To my great surprise, through abstraction, I had created some of my most personal work to date.


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