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Are you ready to exhibit in 2023?

We're looking for one-wall exhibits of photography

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Street Photography, Portraiture, Landscape, Social Issue themes, Environmental Issue themes

About the Photolab Gallery: Since 1991 we've exhibited over 200 photographers (sometimes more than once) in our spaces. Currently, due to the Pandemic, we have a single 20+ foot wall perfect for exhibits of 6 very large, 15 large or 20 small framed or mounted pieces.

What makes a good one-wall exhibit?  We're looking for six to twelve photos that hold together well on a single topic or visual theme. Prints can be mounted, matted & framed or flat prints held to the wall with magnets. Our gallery visitors enthusiasticly read  the artist statement and wall labels that describe  the individual images.

 Contact us by email with your ideas and sample work.


Coming in 2023


Gallery Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sunday C losed
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