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rob reiter
eyes opened wider

panoramic landscapes 
I guess
I’ve always
been drawn to landscapes.
  I bought my first camera at the age of seven. It cost fifty cents plus two Wheaties' boxtops. I still have one of those pictures, taken from my backyard, of the neighboring hillside.

Although the during the intervening years I’ve explored many other photographic genres-street photography, abstract, commercial studio and others-landscape work has been the one constant. My fascination with it in my early twenties lead to a life-long interest in the outdoors. Like many living in the city, caught up in the daily whirl of jobs, computers, traffic, commerce, I find solace in the time I can spend in the woods, the mountains, desert or seashore.

I enjoy the simplicity of landscape photography and the grounding I get through it helps me deal with the pressures of an urban life.

Three years ago I bought a 35mm panoramic camera, a Hassleblad XPAN, and I’ve fallen in love with the format. The wider view is a new discipline. It’s aesthetic sensibilities differ from the more standard formats of 35mm or larger format cameras. While I still find use for their normal frame shapes, I find the XPAN format of 24x65mm to be my preferred view.

These pictures, with one exception, were shot with that camera. The image of the San Francisco skyline, taken on a cloudy spring day from the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, was cropped from a standard 35mm frame. It was the image that got me moving in the direction of a panoramic format.

All prints are giclées, inkjet prints on watercolor style papers. Most of them were printed on an Epson 9600 using archival pigment inks on a variety of papers.

The San Francisco skyline print is done on Somerset Velvet paper, using archival dye inks with my original printer, the ColorSpan Giclée Printmaker.

Information on the giclée process can be found at The LightRoom, located in the parking lot of the same building Photolab is in, or from our web site,

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2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California USA 94710
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