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Terra Firma :: Mike Henning

Nicole Gim

My interest in photography started in high school where I first learned the basics of black and white processing. That knowledge completely consumed me, and I found myself doing extra projects to explore different techniques with film, lighting, and the development process. In 2004, I started taking my photos seriously. I pushed myself in many directions, trying to find what truly inspired me as a photographer. I gathered knowledge through books, and wonderful artist friends that surrounded me. Today I feel confident with what my art expresses and want to finally share it with the world.

A single
becomes a study of the photographer's fascination with  the process of decay in the urban environment. Using alternative processes of cross-processing, macro photography, and high saturation/high contrast large scale printing, Nicole Gim explores extremes of detail, color and texture.

About Lines:
These are macro shots combined with a photographic process called cross-processing; it results in a highly saturated, high-contrast print. This technique lets me explore extremes of color and texture. The saturation levels bring intensity to the work while the high contrast emphasizes the dichotomy of bright and dark, positive and negative.

The process parallels the conceptual basis of my work. I am attracted to polar opposites. Lines is my fascination with the richness of a surface in the process of decay. The abstraction of object via the photographic process allows me to focus on its beauty despite the true reality of its existence. I am intrigued at how the separate states of love and hate, beauty and ugliness, right and wrong, while being contrary, will often meld and cross boundaries based on subjective interpretation.

--Nicole Gim




August 15 to September 26, 2009
Artist's Reception
Saturday, September 12th     6 to 8pm

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Photographic History:

2002 Yokota Air Base Photography Contest Placed second

2002 PACAF Photography Contest Honorable mention

2004 Art Fundraiser for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Donated

2005 Child Portrait Photographer

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