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 In this age of the digital camera, Moja Ma'at is still in love with film

Moja Ma'at

Moja Ma'at is a photo artist whose interest in photography began over 20 years ago when he awoke in the middle of the night and decided to buy a camera first thing the next morning! What followed is a deep interest in all that is visual. He is basically self taught with a minimum of formal photographic education. Albert Watson, Herb Ritts, Irving Penn and Richard Avedon inspired him most.

In this age of the digital camera, Moja is still in love with film. He shoot with his trusted FM2 Nikon, an ancient Kowa square format camera and the equally old Mamiyaflex square format camera. At this point he scans his negatives into the computer and the final images are produced on a fine art digital printer, using archival pigment inks and watercolor papers.

July 19 to August 30, 2008

Reception for the Artist
Saturday, August 9th
6pm to 8pm


Over the years, between his day job in corporate America from which he's now retired, Ma'at has had a fashion image published in the Style Section of the San Francisco Chronicle, shot the cover of the San Francisco Bay Guardian's fashion issue, and photographed several posters for the Exotic Erotic Ball.

In 1994, Moja traveled to Africa which resulted in a show of photographs called "Strange Cargo" which hung at A Different Light bookstore in the Castro District of San Francisco in the late 1990s. Today, he has included several images from his travels to Ghana and Egypt in this current collection of person photo work called "Dreams in Metaphor".

This group of images are representative of Ma'at's beliefs, real and imagines, about men, women, sexuality and culture. Most of his subjects are connected with the arts in one way or another. But sometimes they are strangers, a term used rarely by the artist who would like to believe that no one is truly a stranger.

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