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Photo taken at Gilman by Larry Wolfley

Loud and Fast: 15 years of Punk Rock Performances

Larry Wolfley

 Photo of Larry Wolfley, photographer

"Pure energy is one of my constant themes, I think. To me, it means life, action, being alive."

The present exhibit is a selection of some of Larry Wolfley's best and most well-known band shots from the past 15 years. These images, captured on the fly, document the energy and controlled chaos which are always part of the shows, and exhibit the performance art elements which are central to punk rock. The focus may be on the band as a whole or individuals members, on the audience or the interaction of band and audience, or on the celebrations by certain fans.

The images are captured on black and white film and printed on silver gelatin paper.

The artist says: "My work tends to be sharp and focused, whereas a lot of punk photography uses slow sync and blurred action effects. My artistic choice is based on the idea that if we're using the artificial effect of black and white, then we might as well see all the details. The downside is that the flash washes out all the ambient light and even stage lights that we normally are aware of, and aware of in color. So there is nothing real about what I'm doing. It's graphic, arrangements in space. "

Punk rock is a way of life, and these images bear witness to the vitality, democracy and continuing evolution on the form.

Hang with Larry Wolfley
Artist's Reception
Saturday, April 24th
6 to 8 pm
open to the public, free of charge, accessible

the picturish gallery presents:
larry wolfley

Photo by Larry Wolfley in the Picturish Gallery

Loud and Fast
15 years of Punk Rock Performances
April 24 to June 5, 2010

Picturish Gallery
2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California
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About Larry Wolfley

Larry Wolfley is an east bay photographer who works on the boundary between documentary and fine art. His subject is the Bay Area punk rockAnother photo of Larry Wolfley, photographer scene - the music performances, the people, the locations. He is the house photographer for the club know as 924 Gilman, the oldest all-ages punk rock collective in the United States. Besides his ongoing exhibit at that venue, his work has been featured with the CDs and records of many local bands, and has been published in Maxixmumrocknroll magazine and several other outlets.

Among the photographers who influenced Wolfley are "...Weegee, Robert Frank, Arbus, Friedlander, Larry Clark, Larry Fink, Garry Winogrand (absolutely the greatest), Salgado, Eugene Richards... the list could go on and on. I've learned from them all, but I have to say that what matters is shooting in a way that somehow evokes the deepest cultural/human suggestiveness and implications of the subject. Technique is just something you pick up along the way to help put your understanding to work finding images that resonate."



Larry in Maximum Rock N Roll

Larry on MySpace

Larry Wolfley's previous exhibit in the Photolab Gallery

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