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from Drunk and Happy (or Not): It's Party Time !!!!

"i just first off want to thank you for capsering good ass monents in time!!!!!!!! you a a fuking kick ass man! You are an artest and you should follow your heart! thank you so much for those pics they make me feel that moment! thats why you should keep taking pics!"

--Angel on myspace

"...i like how you think... your well aware of what you do.. very observant... Look at things from various perceptions... contemplating possible scenerios... see the whole picture rather than a peice... and i could go on and on... you remind me alot of myself.... just from reading the way you write... seeing how you function.. etc etc and so-on. Your expression comes through with your writting.... i think people respect you alot...'"

--Revo on myspace

"Can you make me a blown up print of that picture of me reeling back ready to hit Ed?"

--squint eye on myspace

"BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. thanks for the memories.."

--maggie on myspace

Check out the review of this show in the East Bay Express!!

Larry Wolfley

Drunk and Happy (or Not):
It's Party Time!!!

February 4 to March 18, 2006

Reception and Live Music
Saturday, February 4th
6 to 8pm

Everyone is familiar with party snap-shots, and everyone who takes pictures at parties naturally tries to capture their friends at peak moments. Some of these pictures can be very good, but even the best ones can be lacking in photographic quality, and imaginative composition. And they are usually in color. In my current project, I am trying to take the cliche of the party "peak moment" snap-shot, and raise it to a higher level. Everyone has taken one or two great pictures. The challenge is to string together several dozen pictures of consistent high quality, that seem to belong together. (This is not a naive or novel endeavor on my part; the use of the "snap-shot aesthetic" has a long and rich tradition in the history of photography.)
So I'm trying to take pictures which have the spontaneous timing, and apparently random composition, of snap-shots, yet which stick in the mind and somehow transcend ordinary snap-shots of people at play. One way to do this is to use black and white, which makes the surface of the print into an abstract field where what matters are tonal values, and the arrangement of shapes in a space which is mostly imputed by the mind of the viewer. Black and white allows me to eliminate the distractions of striking colors and merely pretty faces.

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