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It's chemistry, and it's also magic. - Jim Stipovich


Jim Stipovich

Fine art photography is the print. Every thing that the photographer wants you to know about the subject is contained on a piece of paper. Each of my photographs is a graphic presentation of my vision. When I'm shooting black and white film, everything in the world is reduced to black, white, and every tone in between.

All that is encoded into this document has the potential to last centuries. While the process of making an image is gone forever, the communication between the subject and the viewer remains. The photographer may be long gone, the camera obsolete, the process lost, and now all the excitement is about what is presented in the print.

I shoot at the edge of bright light, using incidental or reflected lighting. I choose to work with available light, because it produces such a rich, continuous tonality in the photograph. I like to make it as lush and gorgeous as I possibly can. Sometimes that means sparkly grays, and sometimes it means a lot of black. The key to the print is the quality of the captured light, graphically imaged in silver gelatin.

Finally, the viewer's ambient lighting strikes the silver print, and illuminates the original scene. This is the photograph's moment. In the end, it's a little like alchemy or hocus-pocus.

For me, all the elements add together and compound. It's chemistry, and it's also magic.



October 7 to January 22, 2011
First Friday Reception
Friday, January 7th 2010
5:30 to 7:30 pm

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About Jim Stipovich

East Bay photographer Jim Stipovich works with medium format cameras (Hasselblad and Rolleiflex) and all black and white film using natural light to create these intimate timeless photos. Each archival silver gelatin print is printed by hand in his private darkroom.

Jim began photography at age 15. In high school he worked as a photojournalist for the Humboldt Times/ Standard in 1962, while also attending photography classes at Humboldt State College. From 1965-1970, Jim was an undergraduate a the University of California, Berkeley. He studied photography under Margaret Dhaemers and Ruben Samberg, majoring in design Design/Photography. He was editor and art director of The Pelican, an on-campus magazine.

Post college work included a fellowship at Anatolia College, in Thesolonika, Greece, and work as a freelance photographer and professional black and white darkroom technician.

Jim creates vital, direct pictures of people and places that grab the eye of the viewer.

Fine Art:



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