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 While chasing beauty in the most mundane gestures of daily living, Sampson shows us how much we miss by not looking at the world the way she does! The Photolab Gallery invites collectors, artists and students to spend some time with these photographs to enrich their own visual vocabularies. We love these deceptively simple, mysterious photographs of the incidents of life.



October 23 to December 22, 2006

Photo by Jenny Sampson

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Photo by Jenny Sampson ABOUT THE ARTIST

Jenny Sampson was born and raised in San Francisco - a third generation San Franciscan and a fifth generation Californian. She spent 10 years in Seattle and returned to the Bay Area in 2004. Jenny used her first camera, a Kodak instamatic, to capture "hamburger, chips and ketchup on a tray" at lunchtime, and her classmates attempting to do the new craze of dance-aerobics during P.E. in the early 80s. Jenny learned to process and print black and white film in the 6th grade and from then on, photography became an inherent part of how she looked at the world around her.

At 22, Sampson replaced her 35mm with a 6x6 used Yashica; the Hasselblad came six years later.
portrait of Jenny Sampson

Jenny Sampson, 2005
Photo by Jenny Sampson
In addition to her work as a professional cook, Jenny Sampson's time now is dedicated to photographic endeavors, including fine art and commissioned portraits.

Concurrent with this exhibit, Ms. Sampson is exhibiting work at Cancer Lifeline, in Seattle.

Jenny Sampson has more of her work published in the current issue of SHOTS magazine.  Visual Communications Quarterly has has published a portfolio of her photographs in Vol 13, No. 2 issue.


Photo by Jenny Sampson

My interest in portraits, and in photography in general is derivative of a sensitivity and curiosity. I am drawn to different aspects and
components that make up some sort of appealing pattern or intriguing yet serene setting - this may involve people or simply what surrounds us everyday. I attempt to identify with the sensibilities of others by observing people within their and my environments.

In striving to capture random found and serendipitous moments, scenes, people and textures in an honest, peaceful and straightforward way, the outcome might appear to be a story, provoke a question or elicit some sort of reaction. However, my intention includes none of this. It is simply to record a moment that I find beautiful - whether that beauty is

Photo by Jenny Sampson held in the uniqueness of the situation, some geometric action, or a seemingly mundane and incidental moment

Though my reactions with my camera tend to be quick ad instinctive, what remains is a contemplative picture.  The rendered quirkiness which sometimes appears, is perhaps a reflection of what I find honest and beautiful.

Making my pictures is an outlet for me to slow down the hectic satiated world in which we live.

motivation and stimulation cultivated from, but most certainly not limited to: Diane Arbus, Eugene Atget, Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Keith Carter, Andreas Gursky, Dorthea Lange, Alma Lavenson, Arnold Newman, Paul Strand.

 - Jenny Sampson

Photo Credits:
 All photos this page by Jenny Sampson

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