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...gathering a small part of time... ...images to help me remember.

Hedi B.Desuyo

Gathering Time

An Exhibit of
Black and White

Reception for the
Saturday, May 27, 2006
Open to the Public
Free of Charge


Elizabeth Barrett wrote in 1843, "It is not merely the likeness, which is precious, but the sense of awareness involved in the thing...the fact of the very shadow of the person lying there fixed forever"!

Since my earliest beginnings in photography, about fifty years ago, I have been intuitively aware of photography's multi-layered relationship to time. I am fascinated with the sheer possibility of capturing, in a fraction of a second, a fleeting moment that will never repeat itself in exactly the same way. I have always been attracted to objects that show the patina of time: weather-worn walls, and places that tell stories from a long gone time. Most of my images are about such objects and places.

     >The frayed shirt collar of the campesino sitting in front of me on the "Flecha de Oro" to Palenque.
       Where was he going and why was  he dressed up?

     >The softly smoothed edges and gently rounded corners on the well-read library book whose pages
       have been turned by many hands. Did each reader find the same pleasure in the short stories as I did?

     >A water buffalo bell carved from bamboo, that I bartered for, has parts of it coated darkly with a mixture
       of earth and animal sweat (I guess). Where was the buffalo? Is the farmer still working his fields?

     >The gleam of the handrail at the bar of the colonial hotel, highly polished by the arms of many patrons
       leaning on it for support, makes me wonder how many people passed this way. What were their stories?

     >The sandstone steps at the cathedral, worn smooth and deep in the center by worshipers' feet.
       The faithful, murmuring prayers....were their prayers answered?

These things, these places, all whisper stories to my imagination. They touch me, compelling me to make images
to help me remember, in the future, the experience in the past. Gathering a small part of time is the magic of photography for me. My passion.

Hedi B. Desuyo
May 2006

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