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Beyond the Looking Glass: Life After Work                                             dec 6 thru jan 31, 2004         

cha levias

Cha Levias
Where most people
see vast landscapes, my visual world exists on a significantly smaller scale. This philosophy opened up new worlds to me as my photography evolved. Starting with black-and-white film using a wide angle lens, I then graduated to alternative films such as infrared, recording film and anything that provided large grain.

It was a macro lens that unveiled a new world and showed me the power of minutiae. The textures, shapes,  colors and light held new meaning and, through a macro lens, allowed me to become more intimate with my subjects.

Instead of seeing
subjects as  a whole, I'm able to let my imagination show me other things that can be. Finding or watching things change and re-form themselves dramatically or ever so slightly simply by the rising or setting of the sun is my true inspiration. Colors can change into amazing hues during these times.

Photography is not just equipment, film and technique, but what, how and when an image is captured. Macro photography is the tool for creating my visual art. I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs as much as I enjoyed making them.

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jen waicukauski
Jen Waicukauski
As an artist
I am compelled by imagery, not words, so to describe what I do in words is very difficult. However, in today's art market I cannot allow the imagery to stand on its own without saying something. Everyone wants to know how or why an artist does what they do, and although the imagery does speak far more than what I can verbalize I must give credit where credit is due.

The People Paintings are an homage to those in history who have inspired me and challenged me to create something within my medium that crosses a barrier between painting and photography.
The Nudes in the Landscape were originally an attempt to face a personal fear. Fear of my own body, even hatred of my body. The process of meeting people who love their bodies and are willing to share them and these beautiful moments with me really helped me gain acceptance of my own shell. Also they were an expression of how we exist in this world and relate to our environment.

The muse Polyhymnia (generally thought of in relation to poetry), was by my side for this entire project and continues to inspire me to this day. What she brought to me was silence, contemplation and reflection; a focus on sacred in the ordinary, and the subtlety and refinement of hidden mysteries found in daily living.

Hopefully this explains some of why I do what I do, as far as how I do it....well technical babble bores me. I'm an artist, I create; how and why are secondary. There's always a reason even if it can't be verbalized, and there's always a way even if it's time consuming and excessive. Questions can be directed to jawatch@yahoo.com
  My intention is not to compete with the great masters but to honor them and recognize their impact on my artistic expression. Although photography has been living in the shadow of painting in the fine art world for years, the crossover between the two mediums cannot be denied. Photographers are painters. We use light instead of oil and pigments, gelatin on paper instead of canvas. The final result is still very simple an external representation of an internal idea, intended to extract an emotional response from the viewer.
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