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Archived from:  December/January 2005
Art Levit: Grids and Reflections

December 7th through January 22, 2005
Gallery reception for the artist: Sunday, December 12th, 3 to 5 pm

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Art Levit has been photographing and working in the darkroom since 1968, an active member of the Berkeley Camera Club since 2001, and a member of Dorothy Mayers' Image Circle. He won the Camera Club Print of the Year for 2004.

Levit says, "I am drawn to shapes, colors and textures that do not necessarily evoke familiar visual references." To the viewer, Art Levit has found beauty and charm in everyday objects we walk around, stop over and drive past without a thought. "In most cases," says Levit, "I print exactly what was found in my viewfinder...sometimes discovering later there is more to see than I realized when I captured the image."

Art Levit's subjects include recycled plastic and metal, rock surfaces, human constructions, reflections of standing water. The images are large; printed on archival fine art water color paper and generously framed. They are the kind of abstract, tactile photographs that invite you to come closer to the picture and perhaps dig deeper as you explore it.

All this without getting your hands dirty!

 photo by Kirk Thompson

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2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California USA 94710
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