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101 Photography New Year’s Resolutions

Here it is January 3rd and I haven’t decided on my New Year’s resolutions yet.

1. Be more decisive.

I’ve been googling around reading other photographers’ blogs and checking out their resolutions. But I kept ending up on Facebook, so it’s taking me all day!

2. Stop wasting so much time on the internet.

I was going to take my camera on a hike yesterday, but I forgot it!

3. Take my camera everywhere and take more pictures.

So I used my iPhone instead.

4. Take my face out of the smartphone and be present in all my activities.

Maybe you’ve been hanging out with family and friends over the long week-end, perhaps doing a bit of photography or at least thinking about it.  Whatever you’re up to, you doubletrees02might not have had time to read 28 photographer’s blogs like I did.

What ARE other photographer / bloggers resolving to doing with their photography in 2012? I combed through dozens of pages of material looking for the truly inspired resolutions.

I was willing to settle for clever, humorous, trendy and geeky too! Here’s the best of what I found.

Emily Bee

Incorporate more film – I have TWO film cameras. Sitting on a shelf. I should use them. Film is amazing, and I should revisit the traditional and basic art of photography that digital does not offer as well.

Get better at artificial/off-camera lighting – I have a grasp at this, but I am nowhere near a master. With my limited budget, I’m challenged to create amazing lights with very little. I know I can do it.


Cliff Kapatais

Learn a new technique: …it is essential to keep up with new trends and techniques, as well as mastering the old ones of course.

Get Better at What you Know:

  • You take studio portraits? Look up some new light setups
  • You are a wedding photographer? Try an alternative take on the subject
  • You are a sports photographer? Try using a lens you’ve never used before for a game

F-Stop Fitzgerald

Learn – take a photo class, read an inspiring technique book, explore a new DVD.

Teach – spread the knowledge. Offer to teach a class or seminar for a local organization or community college. Give a lecture that inspires others.
Various contributors on Rangefinder Forum

Shoot at least 1 roll of film/month (probably much more, but averaging here).

Process my own B&W at home.

Sell at least 1 print to a complete stranger.

Attend a portfolio review.

Develop my b&w film backlog and shoot more Portra.

Scotty Webb

Get better at lighting

Update my portfolio and website this year

Organize my Lightroom Catalog better

Print more of my photography to hang

Various posters from the Something Awful Forums:

Shoot 120. Shoot 120. SHOOT 120.

I mostly just want to work on improving my composition more. I’ve noticed that I take a lot of pictures where if I’d just paid a little bit more attention the composition would have been so much better and I want to fix that problem this year.

Print more of my photos

Strongly consider picking up a 4×5 view camera

Get a picture of a bear


William Sawalich:

Take the time to put your camera on a tripod. It will help you break a lazy habit that will definitely cost you a good picture someday.

Start carrying your camera more. All the time, if possible.

Develop a backup plan and put it in motion. Eventually the computer crash gods are going to get even. It’s not a question of “if,” but “when.”


Ben Long, Christopher Breen, Heather Kelly, at

Stop thinking that a new piece of gear is going to make you a better photographer.

Commit to practicing. It’s the only thing that will make you a better photographer.


Gaurav Prabhu

Undertake a 365 Project: A ’365 Project’ is one where a person takes a photo each day throughout the entire year. The significance of 365 Project is that it makes the person shoot everyday. It accepts no excuses & requires a great deal of dedication to complete.


Lisa Bettany

I will learn how to use my gear.
I will practice my technical skills.
I will take more pictures.
I will not be limited by the gear I own.
I will accept critiques of my work.
I will connect with other photographers


Chris Brogan likes to use just three words for his new years resolutions. He’s not a photographer but, like all of us, he’s a busy guy who likes things simple and straightforward. His three words are: Temple. Untangle. Practice. If you’re curious read his complete blog post here.

Let’s stop there. It’s not 101 resolutions, but I hope this list inspires you in 2012. Did you make other resolutions these photographers didn’t mention? Let me know!


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