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Photo Booth #1

November 10, 2008
Grand adventure this week creating a “Photo Booth” for a school dance. It’s a fund raiser for the Pacific Boy Choir Academy.  And it was a big hit. The plan was to sell photo booth tickets at the beginning of the dance, then shoot groups of kids in the “booth” for the first hour. Part 2 of the plan was for me to race down to the lab with the data and print everything and race back to deliver the prints before the end of the dance. We  totally pulled it off.

I set up my big dark grey muslin backdrop on the huge backdrop stand that Bryan kindly offered me. Bryan’s a staff technician at Photolab and has a gig as a pro photographer on weekends. So, Bryan has every sort of pro photo gear. We used Gareth’s Canon 20D (thanks Gareth).

Chris Kula manned the camera and did a fabulous job! Yeah Chris!

Before the kids arrived we set out costumes and props: funny hats, long gloves, an evening gown or two, leis and hawaiian grass skirts from the Party Warehouse. The costumes ended up being a key part of the success of the event.

The price was right too, I guess. One dollar per person gets you one 4 x 6.

The adventure part of this, for me, was taking the camera card, driving (fast) across town to Photolab, downloading the images from the card into our Noritsu minilab (left running after the lab closed)and printing a ton of 4 x 6s. Oh yeah, and running back across town to deliver the goods. I love this kind of speedy event where you work hard and get the entire job done in a few hours, and make everybody happy.

So, fund raiser success! The school wants to do it again soon and I’m up for it. This word is out that this PhotoBooth idea is great for attracting a crowd, so our next booth will be at the Jazz on Fourth Street festival and fundraiser for the Berkeley High Jazz Program. See you there I hope!


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