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The images shown here are four generations of women in a family of photographers who have  preserved their family archive to enjoy now and pass on to future generations.

Get started now digitizing your family photos

Size of original File size of scan Price
up to 11 x 17  (standard scan) 5 to 20 megabytes $7.00
up to 11 x 17  (large scan) 21 to 100 mb 15.00
up to 16 x 20 40 to 60 mb 25.00
larger than 16" x 20" 100mb ask for quote

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Call us: (510) 644-1400
Email us or come in person with your project to our Berkeley store.


Our work is priced so you can afford to create a digital archive from a large collection (or just a few) and make copies for your entire family.

All our work is done in our lab in Berkeley, California. Technicians with years of experience and training work by hand with your photos. Your prints and scans remain at our location and are never sent to another state or out of the country for any purpose.

Picture Size Quantity Price per scan
up to 11x17  (standard scan) 1-4 $7.00
up to 11x17  (standard scan) 5-9 5.00
up to 11x17  (standard scan)   10-49 4.00
up to 11x17  (standard scan)   50-100 3.00
up to 11x17 (standard scan)   101-250 2.00
up to 11x17  (standard scan)   251-500 1.50
500+ 1.00
up to 11x17  (mid-pro scan) 1-9 15.00
10-25 11.25
51+ 8.00
up to 16 x 20  (extra large scan) 1-25 25.00
26-50 ask for quote

Because we have been digitizing and restoring old photographs for almost 30 years, our work is second to none!

We are adept at handling fragile original photos from the 19th and 20th century, including daguerreotypes, tintypes and cabinet cards.

We have experience with fire and water damaged photographs.
Ask about your projects... Large and Small.
get archival prints, cds & more technicians scan each photo at high resolution so it can be printed or enlarged. We can supply CDs, USB drives or external hard drives that contain your entire collection.

You take home new modern copy photos and your images on archival cds or a dvd.  New prints are printed on archival photo paper.

Now you can display your old photos without fear of fading!

TIP: We suggest that you always write 3 copies of your  digital files to a hard drive of your home computer and in other locations and devices as well.  Cds and Dvds are not meant to be permanent storage!

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