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I came to photography after having been a metal sculptor for nearly 20 years. I'd hit the proverbial wall and couldn't get over, around or above it. And I had herniated a disc as well. So it seemed like a good idea to look elsewhere for a creative outlet. Having spent a couple of decades in my artist cave and needing some fresh air I turned to photography or more specially to photojournalism I could be out and about meeting and sticking my nose into other people's lives. Sometimes invited, sometimes not and on occasion asked to bugger off.

Street Photography I guess you might say I'm a generalist. I enjoy street photography, disaster work as well as developing and pursuing projects (at the moment working on a project about the Albany Bulb).The theme of this show is Work / Play. Most of us work and play in their various manifestations. The instruments and conditions may differ but the intent is very much the same. I have chosen images from around the globe that attempt to portray people engaged in both activities.

Approach Though I love B&W images I am more drawn to color because I live in a world full of colors. For me, more often as not, the variations of color, light and space give the images a dynamic that I see as more accurate in describing what I experience.

Influences The photographers that I would say have most influenced my work would be (in no particular order): Larry burrows , Sebastiao Salgado, Alex Webb, Bruce Davidson, William Albert Allard and James Nachtway.

Chip Chipman
Bloomberg News

Chip Chipman

...and needing some
fresh air, I turned
to photography...

The Photolab Gallery presents

Work Play by Chip Chipman

In the Photolab Gallery
July 12 to September 6, 2014
Artist Reception
Saturday, June 12th
6 to 8pm

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