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Jean Sirius
Unfettered and Alive: Photographs from Europe
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"I came to photography late and reluctantly," says Jean Sirius. Unfettered and Alive: Photographs from Europe, now showing at the Photolab Gallery through December 4, 2004, reveals three of this reluctant photographer's many passions - dividing the exhibit into "Peace Signs in Europe", "My Feet Go to Europe" and "This is Me in Europe".

For twenty years Jean Sirius was a writer, publishing 4 books of poetry in the 1980's. "Writing was what I did. It defined me" It was in a college art class that Sirius discovered, "I could make objects that expressed my experience of reality as well as writing had." At age 40 she began doing collage, publishing two works Seeing Double and Rose Windows in 2001.

It's been five years now since Jean picked up a digital camera. She has used it, as she has with writing and collage, to fully and even exhaustively explore a subject. The first subjects to received such treatment were Leaves and then On the Ground. Now, from a trip to Europe in Spring 2003, Jean Sirius has created three exhibits and three pocket sized mini-books to go with the exhibits.

More photographic work by Jean Sirius can be found at www.jeansirius.com

You never know exactly
 where the edge is
 until you've fallen off.

Exhibit Dates: October 18 to December 4, 2004
Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 2pm
Reception for the Artist: Saturday, October 23,  2004  6pm to 8pm
Location: The Photolab Gallery, 2235 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California. USA
The Gallery is located inside a working photolab and hosts a new exhibit
every 5-6 weeks. Join our mailing list to learn more about upcoming events.
Photolab Gallery is open to the public, free of charge and accessible
For more information contact Andrea McLaughlin or Jean Sirius


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