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              My interest in photography began in the mid-60s when, as an editor for the Sierra Club, I had the opportunity to explore its archival collection of prints by Ansel Adams, Cedric Wright, Philip Hyde, and others.  It was enriched during the late 60s and early 70s, when I lived in Berkeley, through friendships with photographers at the Associated Student Union Studio at UC Berkeley, in particular, Dave Bohn, Roger Minick, and John Blaustein.

After several years in France, I returned to the Bay Area and settled in San Francisco.  In the mid-80s I  bought a Nikon and from 1990 to 1994, worked on my first serious project  - photographing the Montezuma Hills in the Sacramento Delta.

               I shoot film in both 35 mm and medium format and in both black and white and color, but I prefer color. I am especially drawn to abstract patterns created by the interplay of light, form, color, and space found in the natural world. My most recent work has been with patterns of water, sand and light on several beaches at Pt. Reyes.                 


                 Often I am startled to discover in the final images  the interrelated character of natural forms – dying leaf and river canyon, sand ripples and bird’s feathers.  I hope that these prints also reveal something else less easy to describe, for whether walking the Sacramento Delta’s rolling hills, or among the gardens of Strybing Arboretum, or on the beaches at Pt. Reyes, I am always looking for that “something else.” Influenced by the work of  Minor White, Eliot Porter, and Ernst Haas, among others, I try to capture not only the textures and forms of a particular place at a particular time, but also the feelings that go beyond the concrete and particular to some other more interior place. 
              My work has been exhibited at the Benicia Public Library Art Gallery (2001), the Helen Crocker Russell Library of the Botanical Gardens at  Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park (2002), and the Anja von Dittmarsch Gallery, San Francisco (2003). I was invited to exhibit my Montezuma Hills series at the Benicia Library a second time in May, 2004, as part of the traveling Smithsonian Exhibit, “Listening to the Prairie: Farming in Nature’s Image.” 

Sidney Hollister

Modulations of Light
March 25 to May 6, 2006
28 color photographs

Reception for the Artist
April 1, 2006
6pm to 8pm

like all the arts, opens a door on the exterior physical world and on the interior world of the artist, in this case, the photographer.

"In looking intensely at life, which the camera invites you to do, and trying to find compositional ways of organizing what you see, you search at the same time for meaning.

"And even when you see the print that's the outcome of your search, you're often not sure what that meaning is, just as poets don't know the full meaning of the poems they write.

"The process, start to finish, is one of risk, discovery - and luck!"

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