Tinta Bella in the Photolab Gallery October 24th to December 3rd, 2005

Jenna Zabin:

Photographer Jenna Zabin has studied not only photography but also fashion at the Fashion Design Institute in San Francisco and received a Bachelor of Science from Chico State.

Now she has combined her myriad of interests into an exhibit of Feng Shui influenced photography called Tinta Bella. She says “photographing colorful silk fabric started as a wonderful little diversion while I waited for a local entertainer to change outfits during a photo shoot. Isn’t it funny how the best things seem to come when least expected? During this time, Catherine Grison, owner of Your French Accent was advising me on the art of Feng Shui for my home and how color is an important tool to enhance the energy of a house.“

Catherine Grison will join Jenna Zabin on November 5th in conducting a unique Feng Shui Rice Blessing Ceremony at 5:30 pm at the Photolab Gallery and will be available to discuss how art can play an important role in the Feng Shui of your home or office.
Contact Jenna Zabin              www.jennazabinphotography.com

Tinta Bella: Feng Shui Infused Photography

As a child I loved to color.No boundaries, no expectations, just fascination and wonder in a
world where all is possible.

Through the
lens of a Pentax K1000
I saw my first glimpse of what can be seen
and shown. It ignited a passion so that today,
I color with my camera.

I love to discover new landscapes and expose what’s been left behind, going outside the lines to capture
the beauty that has evolved.

Road Trip: Thunder Mountain and Beyond
two friends, two reasons, two weeks, one journey

A mile past a missed exit somewhere on hwy 80 in the middle of Nevada, a forgotten tear falls down my cheek as a childhood memory of my father floods my mind. “Do you want me to go back?" my friend asks.  I say “please”. From the strength of my father’s shoulders to riding shotgun in a Toyota, just as I had done 30 years earlier, I found myself holding my breath in anticipation as we entered Thunder Mountain.

Laughter, tears, insight, tranquility music, joy, and a sense of sisterhood were all part of the journey from Berkeley to Toronto. My dear friend was going home and I suppose I was going home in a round-a-bout way as well, posed as her sidekick. This opportunity occurred at the most opportune time and enabled me to just capture images whenever, for whatever reason and without concern of time or constraints. Stopping and going as we pleased with the enthusiasm of a teenager cutting class, I searched for the answer. With an open heart I found it along the road.

Second Glance: Abandoned Landscapes

>>>more coming...still under construction<<<



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